ballymun-job-centreBallymun Job Centre (BJC) is a community-based non-profit making organisation, with 35 staff, which provides services to local unemployed people. The BJC was established in 1986 as a community response to a chronic unemployment situation.

Since 1996 BJC manages the Local Employment Services Network (Contract with Ballymun Whitehall Partnership). The BJC’s objective is to assist local people to access employment, by providing an integrated approach to job placement through the establishment of a one stop shop for job seekers.  Since opening, over 13,000 individuals have registered for the services provided by the Centre.  The BJC has supported over 4,000 individuals to access jobs.

Over 3,000 individuals have participated in training run by the BJC. Over the years the BJC has built relationships and worked closely with a wide range of public, private, European and community organisations. The BJC is Q-Mark, ETP and “Excellence Through People” approved and is a FETAC Quality approved.

Ballymun Job Centre (BJC) will coordinate the overall project and participate in all project activities: the preparatory research on the local situation regarding civic engagement, attending the EU partner meetings in Italy, Romania and Belgium, hosting the EU partner meeting in Dublin, organising and attending 4 local seminars in Dublin, including the final dissemination conference, management of the development of the  Citizens Portal and managing the local to European policy impact activities.

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