ensieThe European Network of Social Integration Enterprises (ENSIE) takes for its objective:

  • To reinforce the power of the actors in economic social integration enterprises through the exchange between the member organisations.
  • To stimulate cooperation and partnerships by promoting good practices, research results, new applications, and to develop a close and solid collaboration with other European networks active in the social economy with the objective of obtaining synergetic results.
  • To represent the network and to promote all of its activities on all pertinent European levels.
  • To elaborate contributions and propositions in order to participate in the definition of a European policy against social exclusion.

ENSIE has 26 members – national and regional networks, from 21 European countries (19 MS, Serbia and Switzerland)
All these networks pursue objectives of social integration of disadvantaged target groups; together, they represent more than 2,400 WISEs and 400,000 workers.

ENSIE will and participate in all project activities: the preparatory research on the local situation regarding civic engagement, attending the EU partner meetings in Italy, Romania and Ireland, hosting the EU partner meeting in Brussels, organise dissemination activities at EU level, particularly in liaison with other European level NGOs and institutions of the European Community and European Parliament.  Participate in the development of the Citizens Portal and managing the local to European policy impact activities.

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