dublin-netDublinNet is a consortium of Dublin local area partnership companies and job centres organised as a non-profit NGO (company limited by guarantee) to develop Dublin-wide initiatives for social inclusion, civic participation and employment initiatives in areas of high disadvantage.

It also participates in applications for EU wide funded projects to share experience and develop best practice in these at an EU wide level. It was established in 2013. All member companies of DublinNet are local based NGOs with long experience and highly developed skills in these areas of work and individual records of participation in EU funded projects.

DublinNet will be involved with Ballymun Job Centre in organising the Dublin and EU events of the project, selecting and managing pilot areas for the civic engagement initiatives and participating in all other aspects of the project. In its role participating in the Public Participation Network and Community Development Committee of the Dublin City Council, DublinNet has a close collaboration with the local authority and will build on this partnership in the course of the project in developing civic participation structures and outputs and introducing the learning of the project to developing the system in Dublin.

DublinNet will and participate in the preparatory research on the local situation regarding civic engagement, attend all EU partner meetings in Italy, and Romania, co-host the EU partner meetings in Dublin.