abele-lavorThe Consorzio Sociale Abele Lavoro   was born in March 1998 to give a voice to the most significant experiences within the career paths of individuals from the area of discomfort;
Provide logistical and organizational response to the field work, one of the three areas of focus of the association Gruppo Abele.

With the law 381/91, it is stated that the aim of co-operation Association, is to “pursue the general interest of the community to promote human and social integration of citizens.” In close continuity with these intentions Consorzio Sociale Abele Lavoro, has developed in a way consistent entrepreneurial project of cooperatives BChE svolgonoattività productive with specificity to allocate at least 30% of the jobs to disadvantaged people (with physical disability, mental and sensory , more than 46%, ex-patients of psychiatric institutions, under psychiatric treatment, drug addicts, alcoholics, children of working age in difficult family situations and convicts.

The Consorzia will participate in all project activities: the preparatory research on the local situation regarding civic engagement, building participative activity in Italy, attending the EU partner meetings in Italy, Romania and Ireland, hosting the EU partner meeting in Italy  and participating in the development of the  Citizens Portal and other dissemination e-tools.