Participation: The event involved  83  citizens, including  16  participants from the city of Dublin (Ireland), 25 participants from the city of Turin (Italy), 20 participants from the city of Iasi (Romania), 22 participants from the city of Brussels (Belgium).

Location / Dates: The event took place in:

Northwest Area Partnership, Rosehill House, Finglas, Dublin 9, Ireland – 25 May 2016.

ARCI, via Giuseppe Verdi, 34 – Torino, Italy – 31 May 2016.

Bacau city, Iasi, Romania Dumbrava Roșie street, no. 2, Bacău 600045 postal code – 17 May 2016.

Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed (INOU), Araby House, 8 Richmond St North, , Dublin, Ireland  (Ensie)  – 17 June 2016
Short description:  The aim of the event was Local Seminar 4

During the Local Seminar 4 invited participants were given an overview of the project, including the aim of the project. An up to date summary was given on all of the events carried out within the life time of the project and the learning outcomes from the events shared. Participants included representatives from a newly formed Social Inclusion Committee, the City Mayor of Turin, and Ensie members. In presenting the project it was hoped that the learning outcomes would be transferred and begin to develop a local sustainable plan.

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_DSC0373 LOC SEM 4