Participation: The event involved citizens from all of the partner countries and additional countries.

Location / Dates: The event took place in:

Dublin, Ireland –  2016

Turin, ItalyJune 2016

Iasi, RomaniaJune 2016

Liege, Belgium June 2016

Short description:  The aim of the event was the Citizen Portal Development

 An Our Social Europe website was designed for the project, it included the Project Summary, information on each of the Project Partners, access to the Preparatory Desk Research that was completed by partners, information on all Events carried out throughout the lifetime of the project, and the Citizens Portal. A Google Analytics account was created as part of the Citizens Portal to record all activity. To date the Portal has had over 600 visitors.

 The Citizens Portal was designed with the intention to promote Civic Engagement. To provide an open space for citizens to make suggestions/recommendations for their local area. To inform citizens of upcoming local events. To provide the contact information/ links for local authorities and relevant sites. To encourage the sharing of ideas. Access to local groups within the citizen’s local community. A space for citizens to raise any issues/ concerns that they may have for their local area. Information on local Public Participation Networks, and contact details for their local PPN representatives. A section that provides a space where users can choose to become more engaged, and to become actively involved in participating in a democratic way. It will offer information on the training programme developed for the Our Social Europe project, for both individuals and interested groups.