Participation: The event involved  64  citizens, including  15  participants from the city of Dublin (Ireland), 19 participants from the city of Turin (Italy), 24 participants from the city of Iasi (Romania), 6 participants from the city of Brussels (Belgium).

Location / Dates: The event took place in:

Disability Federation of Ireland, Fumbally Court, Dublin, Ireland – 29 March 2016.

Turin, Italy – February 2016 (online).

Iasi Prefecture, Anastasie Panu Street, no. 60, Iași, 700075 postal code, Romania – 19 February 2016.

Rue de Milmort 690 – 4040 Herstal, Belgium   – 10 March 2016

Short description:  The aim of the event was Local Seminar 3

During the Local Seminar 3 invited participants were given an overview of the project. Representatives from the Dublin City Participation Networks, Government representatives, NGO Commission representatives, and representatives from Social Enterprises were present. Participants were given an overview of the PPN in partner countries. A summary of each partner’s local seminar 3 was uploaded to the project website and participants were encouraged to review each of the partner countries Local Seminar 3. The PPN Citizens Portal was piloted and participants took part in an online demonstration. Feedback was gathered and recommendations for the portal were taken on board.

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