Participation: The event involved  28 citizens, including  4  participants from the city of Dublin(Ireland), 2 participants from the city of Iasi (Romania), 2 participants from the city of Turin (Italy), 20 participants from the city of Brussels (Belgium)

Location/ Dates: The event took place in Ensie (Liege, Belgium), from  09/11/2015  to 10/11/2015

Short description:  The aim of the event was Third Partner Meeting

This is the third Partner Meeting as part of the Our Social Europe Project. It was held over two days, November 8 – 10th 2015. The meeting was hosted by Ensie in Liege, Belgium. Partners from Ireland, Italy, Romania and Belgium were in attendance.

Day 1

Partners identified PPN development in each of their countries post preparatory training and presented them to the partnership, identifying both challenges and strengths.  Partners were taken through the results gathered from the Development and Outcomes of Local Seminar 2 and of the Evaluation questionnaire completed by all who attended. Day 1 concluded with a Study Visit of best practices in Belgium.

Day 2

The main focus of the second day was to come up with a plan of action for the Citizen Portal. Partners broke in to two groups and discussed what the design of the portal should be and what content would be present on the portal. The project timeline was reviewed, the events that have been completed and the dates for the remaining events were set. The meeting ended with a summary and conclusion. The partners thanked Ensie for hosting the meeting and for making the meeting a constructive, informative and dynamic opportunity.

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