Participation: The event involved 60 citizens, including all five of the Project Partners.

Location / Dates: The event took place in Dublin, Ireland, from 15/06/2016 to 17/06/2016
Short description:  The aim of the event was the Final Partnership meeting.

The Final Event consisted of a Final Partner meeting & Study Visit and a Final Conference. It included the signing off on all events and the dissemination of the project.

Day 1

Final Management meeting and Study Visit – June 15th                                         

The final partner meeting was held in Ballyfermot Partnership in Dublin. There were nine partners present, representing all five partner organisations. Each of the partners presented on their own Local Seminar’s 3 and 4. The final preparations for the final conference were discussed and any changes/ recommendations identified. Each partner was informed of what their role for the day would be and all logistics were outlined. Partners were briefed on the work required for the completion of the Final Report and final deadlines were agreed. The meeting concluded with a Study Visit to Cherry Orchard community gardens and equine centre.

Day 2

Final Conference – June 17th                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

The Final Conference took place in Dublin’s Smock Alley Theatre. The aim of the event was to present on the findings and results of the Our Social Europe project and to demonstrate the methods developed to increase civic participation. Participants were introduced to the various Events and Activities that were undertaken by the partners during the project; the Partner Meetings in all four partner countries, the Preparatory Desk Research, the creation of the Citizen’s Portal and the Project website, and each of the partners Local Seminar’s. Each of the partners presented on their experience throughout the life-time of the project. The event concluded with a group exercise to encourage networking and to highlight the different ways to engage different community groups. Project information and copies of the Preparatory Desk Research were made available to all participants.


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