Event Name: Local seminar Iasi, 29th of April, 2015

Invitation: There was no invitation drawn. Beneficiaries were phoned or just asked to participate.

Location of Event: ADV Romania headquarter, Bazinelor street, no. 5, Uricani village, Miroslava commune, Iasi County, 707316 postal code, Romania

Names of main organisations that attended:

ADV Romania

Number of participants: 22

Aim of the Event

The main goal of the event was to promote the project and its desired results and to consult the beneficiaries of ADV Romania about PPNs in our country and in Iasi. Also, the debates summed up a series of basic recommendations of improvements for the public participation process and the involvement of vulnerable groups in that process.

Guest Speakers/Facilitators:

The event was conducted by Mihaela Olteanu and Elena Sobieski.

Agenda for the Event:


The beneficiaries said no to photographs.

General Summary:

Please see below for a brief summary of the event:

The event, that took place on the 29th of May 2015, included discussions and presentation about the legal framework for public participation in Romania, the existence of public participation networks in Romania, the involvement of disadvantaged groups in the decision making process. Also, we talked to the beneficiaries about how they can make their voice heard. Finally, we summed up a series of recommendations to the EU level on strengthening mechanisms for civic participation, particularly of citizens from disadvantaged communities, on both local level and EU level policy processes.

PowerPoint Presentations:
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