Event Name: Taking stand for our community – local seminar 2, October 2015

Invitation: There was no invitation drawn. Beneficiaries were phoned or invited through email.

Location of Event:

ADV Romania headquarter, Bazinelor street, no. 5, Uricani village, Miroslava commune, Iasi County, 707316 postal code, Romania

Names of main organisations that attended:
ADV Romania, high schools representatives.

Number of participants: 23

Aim of the Event:

The main goal of the event was to train teenagers from vulnerable groups to be able to stand for their rights and to take action whenever the public decision making process doesn’t take their opinions into consideration.

Guest Speakers/Facilitators:

The event was conducted by Mihaela Olteanu and Elena Sobieski.

Agenda for the Event:

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General Summary:
Please see below for a brief summary of the event:

The training day was designed to prepare teenagers from vulnerable groups to take stand for the community and to influence public decision making. The event included not only training but also presentation of the project and learning about European and specific Romanian civic rights stipulation.

The teenagers were very eager to learn what exactly their civic rights are, learn about their obligations and also learn how to build campaigns that would not only increase civic engagement but also will change the face of the community they live in.

The results of the training day were very good. After the participants completed the feedback questionnaire, it concluded that 12 participants found it excellent and 9 found it very good. Also, their suggestions were noted.

PowerPoint Presentations:
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