Event Name: Training day – Focus Group on unemployment and job policies in Turin

Invitation: Please see below for a copy of the invitation:


Location of Event: Via Paolo Veronese 202, Turin, Italy 

Names of main organisations that attended:

Individuals from Not for Profit Organizations

Number of participants: 22

Aim of the Event:

A three morning event with unemployed service users discussing the concerns of employers and job solutions for our city.

Guest Speakers/Facilitators:

Georges Tabacchi, President of Consorzio Abele Lavoro, meets users of job services

Agenda for the Event:
The Agenda of every day:
At 10.00 AM – opening
(Presentation of Consorzio Abele Lavoro and the participants)
European Project Presentation: actions and principal aims of Our Social Europe through Local Civic Participation

Half past ten 10.30
We spoke about the Local Job services and how the citizens could participate in the evaluation of the services contributing to their improvement in Turin area.

A quarter to eleven 10.45
Focus Groups with two motivators and unemployed people to understand their needs and motivations into the current economic crisis.

We presented the European partners best practices on civic engagement

A quarter past twelve 12.15
Discussion italian practices on “unemployment and participation”, visiting principal web portal in Italian cities.


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General Summary:
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22 people participated on training day’s mornings.
The focus group has been the moment in which people expressed their needs and motivations about two themes: local job services, unemployment and civic participation.

On local job services people expressed the need to have access to:

  • Places for listening
  • Places to find useful information
  • Attention e possibility to enter in personalized runs

People said what it missed on local job services:

  • Skilled and qualified clerk
  • Broker on language for foreigners
  • Help on web tools to search job
  • Humanity and sensibility

Instead, about the second theme, unemployment and civic participation, people they complain about the lack of:

  • spaces of protest or for the organization of the social uneasiness
  • Collective ways that admits the proposals
  • Groups for which to share resources, opportunity, information

PowerPoint Presentations
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