Event Name: Local Seminar 3

Invitation: No invitation

Location of Event: Disability Federation of Ireland, Fumbally Court, Dublin

Names of main organisations that attended:

The Disability Federation of Ireland, the Health Service Executive, Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland, the Irish Wheelchair Association, Greater Dublin Independent Living, Dublin City Public Participation Networks, Disability Options, DublinNet, the Ballymun Job Centre

Number of participants: 15

Aim of the Event:

The main aim of the event was to present the Our Social Europe project, its purpose, the partners, what has been carried out so far and what has yet to be completed. An update on the development of the PPN in Ireland and in the partner countries, including its sustainability. To present the Our Social Europe website and to demonstrate the portal and application in practice. To gather feedback, recommendations, and opinions of the portal. To create an open space for discussion.

Guest Speakers/Facilitators:

Ciaran Reid of DublinNet
Debbie Johnston of the Ballymun Job Centre

Agenda for the Event:

Our Social Europe
March 29th 1.00pm – 2.00pm
DFI Fumbally Court

Format of the Workshop

1.00 Registration Debbie
1.05 Welcome and Introductions
Presentation to include purpose of workshop, format, update of the journey of the project to date
Christine facilitate
1.15 Presentation of the Website Ciaran
1.25 Demonstration of the Portal at each table and application in practice Ciaran/Debbie

Process questions and Feedback

Overall impression of the portal as in

User Friendly?
Relevant content?
As a communication tool?
Is anything missing?
How can it be improved?

Hear feedback


General discussion on

Would you use it yourself?
Would it be a benefit in your work in the community?
How would you promote it?

2.00pm Close


General Summary:
Please see below for a brief summary of the event:

The third Local Seminar took place in Dublin, at the Disability Federation of Ireland. The event took place on March 29th 2016. There were fifteen people in attendance from nine different organisations: representatives for local community organisations, voluntary organisations and national state bodies were present.

The main topics of the event were to present the Our Social Europe project, the project aims, project partners, what has been completed to date and what the next steps of the project are. To present the Our Social Europe website, with emphasis on the project portal. To give participants the opportunity to test the pilot portal and to give their feedback. To provide the space to discuss the project and the portal, and to gather opinions and recommendations.

PowerPoint Presentations:
Please see below for any PowerPoint Presentations from the event.

OSE 3 Presentation and Questionnaire