Event Name: Local Seminar 2

Invitation: One-Day Training Workshop

This training is for Community Workers and Representatives to develop their skills in effective community engagement

On Wednesday October 21st
In Cluid Housing 63-66 Amiens St
From 9.30am to 3.30pm
Lunch & Refreshments provided

Aim of the Workshop

Building the capacity of community workers and community representatives to work together to develop participative engagement with local groups in having a voice on the issues that affect them through the new Local Government reform process (PPN)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Developing processes on how to engage disadvantaged individuals by facilitating their further civic engagement,
  • An increased awareness of democratic and civic participatory processes within new local government reform (PPN)
  • Networking, sharing information and experiences of effective participatory engagement

Places are limited to 20 participants
To book a place please contact Christine Murray or Catherine Lane at Ballyfermot/Chapelizod Partnership

Phone 01 6238088 Mob: 087 9524968 or e mail cmurray@ballyfermotpartnership.ie

Location of Event: Cluid Housing, 63-66 Amiens Street, Dublin 1, Ireland.

Names of main organisations that attended:

Ballymun Job Centre, Ballyfermot Partnership), DublinNet, Kare Social Services, Ensie – Belgium, Dublin City PPN, Bungalow C.O.FRC, Ballymun Men’s Centre, Santry Community Resource Centre, Dublin City Volunteer Centre, NCU/NSD, Social Justice Ireland, Klear/Kilbarrack, Finglas Traveller Devision, Disability Federation Ireland, Canal Partnership, Cherry Orchard Equine Centre, The Bungalow, Dublin Volunteer Centre, Finglas Safety Centre, Fingal Centre, Help 4 the Homeless, Ballyfermot Civic Centre.

Number of participants: 41, over two sessions

Aim of the Event:

To train active community members in methods to engage disadvantaged citizens in democratic processes, through participation in community groups or PPNs.

Guest Speakers/Facilitators:

Christine Murray facilitated the event. Guest speaker PJ Cleere from Disability Federation Ireland (DFI) presented on how to engage with the PPN structure.

Agenda for the Event:

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Background and Outline of the Workshop
  • Exploring our local area and local structures: Analysis and feedback from each area (mapping and analysis)
  • Identifying groups we work with and their issues of concern
  • Presentation on a model of good practice in relation to working with PPN structures – DFI
  • Evaluation


General Summary:

See below for a brief summary of the event:

Christine Murray (Ballyfermot Partnership) facilitated a welcome and introduction session, outlining the aim of the training, encouraging the participants to network and to see the day as a collective thinking space.

Ciaran Reid (DublinNet) introduced the Our Social Europe project and its aims; to improve conditions for civic participation of those who may not engage in democratic processes by developing structured strategies. One of the outputs from the project is to design and develop a training programme for those who may not be engaged in civic processes. All across Ireland changes in local government are being rolled out so the project could not have been timelier. The purpose of today was to test the training and to start to build capacity within the participants. Representatives from a broad spectrum of community and statutory agencies as well as participants from all sides of the city attended.

Christine briefly introduced a number of methods including the open space technology method. The participants began working in individual groups to construct a map of respective local areas, to outline what services are in place for members of the community. The purpose of this exercise was to emulate methods and techniques that would be useful for the community directors to encourage their service users to engage in active citizenship. On this level it worked, but it also provided an opportune space for community groups to network with each other to discuss current issues in their area.

Christine took the participants through the World Café method to conduct a social analysis of the key issues emerging from areas, which was useful for unravelling concerns for communities and drawing on the experiences of the individuals present. There were a number of similarities throughout the break out groups. The purpose of the method is to begin to analyse the real issues,

discuss impacts and to be able to make very clear strategies to address these issues.

PJ Cleere provided a presentation on the structure of the new Public Participation Networks and how it can be utilised by community groups to positively impact their local areas. There was a lengthy question and answer session. The discussion ran over time and unfortunately all aspects were not addressed. It was suggested that another training morning would be organised to facilitate this session of the agenda. Participants were asked to fill in evaluation sheets, and overall their feedback from the day was very positive.

There was a second follow up event held in the Ballyfermot Partnership as a follow up to this event. There were more presentations and discussions surrounding the implementation of the PPN structure in Dublin. The feedback from this event was also positive.

PowerPoint Presentations:

Please see below for any PowerPoint Presentations from the event: